"Investing in Turkey will be as if investing in Europe"

A Trade Committee was held in India on November 4th at the helm of Minister of Development Lutfi ELVAN so as to give required messages about TIM, developments on July 15th to governments of state parties concerning present commercial and economic situation, business environments and press institutions. TIM Chairman Deputy Mustafa ÇIKRIKÇIOĞLU attended to the committee.

Trade committee held in India's capital New Delhi on November 4th with private sector representatives and deputies consisting of TOBB, MÜSİAD and Turkish businessmen started with Turkey-India Business Forum.

In his speech in Turkey-India Business Forum, Minister of Development Lütfi ELVAN stated that India and Turkey are significant centers of power in specific regions and "Both countries have an unbelievable potential.  We should absolutely put this potential into effect." said.

"Investing in Turkey will be as if investing in Europe"

TIM Chairman Deputy Mustafa Çıkrıkçıoğlu, stating that Turkey is focusing on producing high value-added products, "We are inviting Indian investors to invest in Turkey. Investing in Turkey will be as if investing in Europe." told.

Pointing out that the Turkish considers Indian community as friend, Elvan indicated that India has a highly significant position not only in Asia but on global level as well.

Stating that Turkey displayed a significant performance within the last 14 years and progressed in almost every area, Elvan "India is a significant center of power in Asia. Functioning as a bridge between Asia and Europe, Turkey also is a significant center of power in its specific region. Both countries have an unbelievable potential. We should absolutely put this potential into effect.

Explaining Turkey's 2023 goals, Elvan "We are aiming to be among the 10 biggest economies of the world in 2023. On the other hand, we, as Turkey, have started our plans and strategies aiming 2035. We will reveal our 2035 vision in next period." said.

Explaining that volume of trade between two countries is about 6 billion dollars and more than 5 billion of this is India's export to Turkey, Elvan indicated that while the trade between two countries has increased within the last 5 years, volume of foreign trade has displayed a low graphic.

"Indian investors should seize the opportunities we provide"

Stating that businessmen from both countries can make mutual investments and also joint works in many countries around the world, Elvan "Turkey functions like a significant gate opening to Europe, Africa and Middle East for India. We desire Indian investors to utilize this opportunity provided by Turkey." said.

"Turkey's economy has a robust foundation"

While evaluating the developments in Turkish economy after coup attempt of FETO, Elvan told:

"It was once again proved how robust Turkish economy's foundation is after this vicious coup attempt.  Our economy had been tested repeatedly before this malicious coup attempt and it got through all of them. We experienced 4 big incidents in 2014-2015; Syrian refugees problem, warplane crisis with Russia, terrorist attacks, 17-25 December coup attempt and finally July 15th coup attempt. Considering these as a whole, we can see that Turkey has made it through these severe processes unfalteringly and progress with a robust infrastructure. Turkey proved that it has a strong infrastructure in spite of these processes.

Other speeches

Turkey's New Delhi Ambassador Burak Akçapar told that Turkey was advancing on the right and solid way and it demanded to become one of the most significant economies of the world.

Describing they devoted themselves to this goal, Akçapar "A major part of global growth will result from developing economies. Turkey and India will rank among the first rows of this list.” said.

Indicating that Turkey has a potential to contribute in many sectors, India-Turkey Joint Work Council Vice President Sunil Duggal told the volume of trade between two countries certainly has to be increased.

Duggal told they, as Indian investors, wanted to invest in about new technologies and there were numerous chances of cooperation to seize in these terms between these parties.