Beyoğlu's Boutique Brands

Artists love İstanbul, and the core of İstanbul is Beyoğlu, the very essence of all that represents and born to İstanbul. All different layers of different cultures in the architecture, language, culture and all aspects of daily life fascinate them, and many have found their inspiration in İstanbul, like Pierre Loti, whose name is given to one of the hills that has the best İstanbul view. But artists are not the only people who find inspiration in İstanbul.

Designers, concept creators, handcraft makers; they all enjoy the luxurious motifs, inspiration and materiel İstanbul offers. This gave birth to a niche industry, the industry that creates products by “packaging the culture”. İstanbul usually attracts “culture tourism”, combined with culture industry, this multiplier effect has becoming a prominent phenomenon creating value added in the city's economy. Moreover, this sophisticated inherent nature of the phenomenon brings the “branding” process as default; stores that are born under this concept born as brands at the very beginning thanks to the vast, diverse and impressive story they inherit from İstanbul. Beyoğlu, as it is the cultural and symbolic center of İstanbul, leads this new trend as it always plays a leading role in all aspects of İstanbul. Brands that are born in Beyoğlu quickly establish themselves as renowned institutions with loyal customers and export potential. A store with a great sales performance and brand awareness turns out to be a very young brand with only months of operational history.

Brands are emerging in the fertile peninsula like blossoming flowers, and they do not fade thanks to the district's prominence for both locals and tourists. Local shopping is already at high levels, and tourists that visit famous Beyoğlu cannot remain indifferent to these classy and sophisticated stores that complete and deepen Beyoğlu's “concept”. Karaköy quarter within Beyoğlu is another curious case in already interesting story of Beyoğlu. The neighborhood has gained prominence very recently, and took the vanguard of this emerging “New Beyoğlu culture”, like an avant-garde open air atelier that invents and spreads inventions to the vicinity.