Turkish Eximbank under Ministry of Economy

Structuring of Eximbank, which is the supporter of the manufacturers who manufacture for export and the contractors and entrepreneurs working outside Turkey, in the government system directly affects the support that the institutions provides to the exporters. Management of all issues related with the export of our country from a single authority has a very critical importance for us exporters. Therefore, we feel very happy about Eximbank's being taken under the roof of the Ministry of Economy.

Ministry of Economy is the main authority that determines the export policies and gives direction to our export. Eximbank, on the other hand, is an institution that provides financial support through loan, guarantee and insurance transactions. With this change, the main policies related with export and the financial requirements of the exporters are combined in a single government body. We believe that this way our problems and requests will find compatible solutions faster. Also, we hope that in its new structuring, Eximbank will not only provide financial support and loans to exporters, but also take significant steps towards protection from exchange rate risk.

We believe that the losses incurred in the exports due to the stagnation in the global economy and problems in neighboring countries will be compensated by being managed from a single point and in a more powerful manner. We hope that this change, that rejoiced us exporters, will be for the good of the country and the exporters.