“TİM-AIESEC Exchange Program” signed

Exporter firms will be able to employ foreign persons (under 30 years of age, newly graduated from university, of foreign citizenship) for a period of 6 months and 1 year.

Within the scope of the program, the foreign employee will be exempted from employment visa by virtue of the “AIESEC Visa”; issues such as meeting the person when coming to our country and arranging for accommodation will be coordinated by AIESEC.

Fee for the exchange program is set as 1,500 TL (one thousand and five hundred Turkish Lira). If firm-intern matching is made between the exporter firm and AIESEC within the scope of the intern exchange program, the payment will be made by the exporter firm to AIESEC directly.

The firms who want to benefit from the exchange program must contact AIESEC; the exporter firms who want to employ foreign employees will sign a “Consultancy and Service Contract” with AIESEC in order for the program to start.

The firms who want to benefit from the said program must fill out the application form at the link of http://bit.ly/1q4lgFu in electronic medium.