TIM made a joint declaration with NGO's at TBMM

A common declaration was made against the coup attempt on national will in the press release at TBMM (Grand National Assembly of Turkey) with the participation of representatives of NGO's, associations of profession, 538 labor unions and confederation, including Turkish Exporters Assembly.

The declaration read at the Assembly is as follows:

"Our Assembly was placed at the target of contemptible assaults aimed at democracy last Friday. It was bombed by traitors for the first time in its history. It resisted heroically. It deserved the title of “Veteran” once more. It is obvious that if there is no democracy and state of law, there are no non-governmental organizations, either. We, who have together here today, see no other option than democracy for the future of our country. The resistance of our people until the first lights of Friday morning gave all of us hope. All democratic institutions of our country and our nation owned up democracy against this lowly assault. Media workers put their own lives to protect the freedom of information buy resisting against armed raids. Our President, Chairman of the Assembly and Prime Minister together with chairmen of all political parties who have groups in the parliament and mass organizations stood upright form the first moment on and invalidated the plans of the coup plotters. Our nation has manifested its determination and resolution about democracy. Our brave security forces and honorable Turkish soldiers remained loyal to their oaths and risked their lives to prevent the coup attempt from being successful. They caught the traitors red handed. As a whole, Turkey did what is proper for it. Our democracy passed the trial of democracy successfully. Turkish democracy and democratic institutions of the Republic of Turkey proved that they are too powerful to surrender to brute force. Those who intended to destroy all political and economic gains of our country in 93 years have failed. We, the leading public organizations, are happy that those dark hours of the Friday night were overcome in unity and togetherness. We are here, in our Veteran Assembly, to demand the continuation of the democracy agreement that was formed on Friday night. From now on, when steps are taken for the future of our country, the democracy agreement of today should never be forgotten. Common sense should always prevail. This coup attempt that challenged the unconditional sovereignty of our nation showed to all of us that the institutional infrastructure of our country must be strengthened. The place where such measures are to be taken, steps are to be taken is the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. On one hand, the traitors who assaulted the national sovereignty must be called to account in front of the Turkish Justice, on the other hand the political measures to prevent such contemptible assaults must be put into effect rapidly. We must not batter our brave armed forces and patriot soldiers in any manner. We, the representatives of 538 labor unions, confederations, professional associations and NGO's, are visiting our Assembly and continue the sentry duty for democracy.

We own up the national will. It is the duty of all of us to leave a more powerful, power peaceful, wealthier, more democratic country to our children. For this reason, we must focus on working together rapidly.”