TIM delegation participated in the Turkey-South Africa Business Forum

Turkey aims to increase its exports to South Africa by 10%

The Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) delegation attended the Business forum in the Durban region in South Africa which is one of the largest economies in Africa. The TIM carried out 200 B2B meetings with the aim of increasing export to South Africa.

Leadership of the TİM delegation was done by Kazım Güven, Member of the Board of the Mediterranean chemicals and chemical products exporters association who underlined that in 2015 our export to South Africa was 489 million dollars with the aim of increasing this figure to 500 million to this year and 550 million by 2017. Exports to South Africa have quadrupled since 2003 with an increase of 12% annually. Our imports from South Africa on the other side is 918 million dollars. Our aim as TİM is to execute 7 more trade delegations to South Africa in the coming term.

The Business Forum offered many benefits to the delegation in a variety of sectors in light of economic and commercial relations with South Africa being a priority market for Turkey 2016-2017. Turkish representatives from 12 sectors attended the delegation to the Business forum including chemicals, food & beverages, steel, agriculture, automotive sub-industry and construction. Priority sectors for exports to South Africa in the coming term are automotive sub-industry, mineral fuels and oils, cars, plastics and commodities. Mr Güven stated that the objective is to utilise the potential that both countries carry and consequently develop trade.